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DUN Errors


The visual guides show the configurations for a typical SingNet account. But do not worry, the guides are still applicable to the users of other ISPs such as StarHub and Pacific Internet. Just remember to change the settings that are specific to your ISPs.


bulletInternet Connection Wizard (ICW) -- ICW is a cool feature that is only available in Internet Explorer version 5 or later. It is the fastest way to create a new dialer and an email account. It is pity that the wizard does not ask for proxy configuration so you must not forget that you still need to configure them after finish ICW.
bulletDial-up Networking Errors (DUN Errors) - show you the screen shots of the most common dial-up errors and their remedies.
bulletWindows 2000 (Win2000) - is another simulation that allow you visually go through all the settings in a Win2000 dialer. Be advised that the settings in the dialer are pretty complex. The better way may be using a ICW to create a new dialer.
bulletWindows XP Home/Professional - ( - Under Construction - )


FrontPage 2000/2002
"Specify the location to publish your web to:" / "Enter publish destination:"

In web browser, enter the following URL, , remember to replace the userid with your SingNet userid.

Win98 (Chinese Traditional) - visual guides on "Dial-up Networking", "Internet Explorer 4" and "Outlook Express 4", "Network" etc

Win95 - visual guides on "Dial-up Networking", "Internet Explorer 3", "Internet Mail" and "HyperTerminal" etc


Netscape Navigator 6


Netscape Mail 6

Outlook 2002