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How Telephone Work (***Excellent. Technically in-depth.)

TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial (**Good for beginner.)

World of Windows Networking - ()

The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page - (The "Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page" is worth a bookmark for any security professional in need of a one-stop shop for a variety of wireless security-related resources. The site is organized by a comprehensive list of protocols and standards, with each containing a set of technical documents.)

Wireless LAN Installation Steps - ()

A Short Tutorial on Wireless LANs and IEEE 802.11 - ()

DIY home networking guides and tutorials - ()

Yahoo! Groups : wirelesslan - ()

Linux Users Group Singapore

Azacamis.com (***Excellent. This site is all about broadband, particularly DSL in Singapore)

PracticallyNetworked (***Excellent. This site provides practical, easy-to-understand help for small network.)


Should I use NetBeui?

Scot's Newsletter (***Excellent. covers Windows, broadband, do-it-yourself networking, Microsoft, and the Internet. You'll get insights, analysis, hardware and software reviews, explanations, tips, and straight-shooting advice about desktop computing issues today, and tomorrow. It's information about Windows and broadband you can really use.)


Tip of the Week: How to Install Win2K's NetBEUI in XP

Blocked Download - (Cannot download .zip file caused by an incomplete uninstall of an Internet Explorer add-in, particularly Cheyenne AntiVirus, Netzip, or ZipMagic. Microsoft suggests using REGEDIT to delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ Plugins\Extension. Deleting this key, however, may disable other extensions that you want to keep.)

SpywareInfo - (***Excellent. Your central location for everything you need to know to protect your privacy on the internet.)


Stop using Lavasoft's Ad-aware - (Spybot-S&D is now the best free tool available.)

Win XP Windows XP Tips and Tricks - (**Look Good but not reviewed)

Wayne's Windows XP Resources for Administrators and Users - (**Look Good but not review)

bulletXP Tips Sorted by Hit Count

Daniel Petri's MCSEworld - (***Excellent. MCSEworld by Daniel Petri is one of the most comprehensive MCSE related web sites. With hundreds of Windows 2000, NT, XP and Exchange 2000 related tips, tricks and how-to articles, MCSEworld has become one of the world's leading MCSE and IT related knowledge bases.)

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk - (???)

FireWire Vs. USB 2.0 - (***Excellent)

PC Magazine Vendor Research Library - (**Look Good. You'll find everything from reports and whitepapers on the B2B marketplace, 802.11, Windows, Linux and much, much more)

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) -  (***Excellent. This website is dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good. )

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01 - (It visualizes networks of interrelated web sites. Simply type in a URL and it will show you graphically how you're connected.)

TweakHomePC - (**Good but beware of pop windows & don't accept to install anything. Speed Tweaks for PC & Windows 9x. Updates. Dual-Boot.)

Inside Outlook Express - (***Excellent. A source of technical information, help and tips for users of Microsoft Outlook Express? for Windows, versions 5, 5.01, 5.5 and 6. All articles are valid for all these versions unless otherwise stated.)

Network Tools

davidj.org's Tools - (***Excellent. Some recommended tools are Look up MX Record, Trace the route, Perform a Whois, HTML Codes and browser stats)

nslookup - (KRNIC),

network-tools.com - (Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS, and DNS Records Lookup. Many registrars block whois queries from this site due to the large volume of requests)

Allwhois.com - whois domain name search

Anti-SPAM Mailinator - (Mailinator is a new kind of mail service. The biggest difference is that you don't need to sign up. Any email name you can think of already exists at mailinator.com. Want goofy@mailinator.com? You got it. Want to be superguy? Happyjoe? fredinpants? No problem. They all already exist just waiting for you to check your mail.)

SenderBase - (SenderBase is a free email reporting service designed to help email administrators research senders, identify legitimate email and block spam. SenderBase does not send email - we simply provide information about email senders. You are viewing a report on the top senders of email on the Internet based on data provided from over 9,000 organizations that receive email.)

The CyberAbuse Whois - (provides an automated way to find some informations about any IP or host in the world without having to choose a whois servers.)

MAPS Realtime Blackhole List, MAPS Relay Spam Stopper, MAPS Dialup User List, MAPS Open Proxy Stopper List and Spamhaus Block List - ()

Vitnet Showcase - (Some interesting samples of websites eg. Singnet Consumer, Business, Magix and iShop@singnet)

MrScary's Windows Update Resource Page - (Check the bottom of the page for the most common tips on Windows Update problems.)


BIOS Limitations on Disc Drive - (source: Seagate).  48bit HDD Support List (>137 GB HDD) - (source: Asus)

Total Hardware 1999  - (boasts "Jumper settings for 18655 devices".)

WinGuides Network for Windows - (Empowering the Windows operating system.)


Registry Guide for Windows - (formerly RegEdit.com, provides an extensive range of registry tweaks, tricks & hacks for optimizing, enhancing and securing the Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95 and Windows Me operating systems.)


Windows Security Guide - (provides information and resources to secure the Windows operating system and networks with details about the latest vulnerabilities and fixes, articles and technical support.)

Virtual Plastic - (..surgery for Windows. Collected tweaks & links to change the look.)

Google Zeitgeist - (Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google)

myNetWatchman - (myNetWatchman is a service that automatically aggregates the firewall logs from a very large number of computers, analyzes these logs for evidence of hacker or worm attacks, and notifies the ISPs where attacks are coming from. As such, it provides a vital level of internetwork security.)


ADSL KB and Tools - (***Excellent)

Keyboard Shortcuts - (for Microsoft FrontPage, Internet Explorer, Office XP, Office 2000, Office 97, PhotoDraw, PowerPoint, Producer, Publisher, Windows, Windows Media Player and Windows MovieMaker.)

TweakHound - Optimize Your Computing Experience - (has a very comprehensive collection of tweaks, explanations of what they do, and resources to go deeper)


TweakHound's Super XP Tweaking Guide, Big XP Links Page - ()

myImager.com - (your own free everything online image editor! Upload or call images from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the the dozens of tools and filters that we offer! This is a 100% free service, offered by the great people at Cool Archive.)

Help For Linux Novices

bulletNewbie Guide
bulletLinux Shortcuts and Commands
bulletEasy 'info' guide

The Linux Documentation Project - (LDP is a loosely knit team of volunteers who provide documentation for many aspects of Linux. There are several forms of documentation: Guides, HOWTOs, man pages, and FAQs)

LinuxPrinting.org - (have resources to help with printing under free operating systems like GNU/Linux and the BSDs or under commercial UNIX-like systems such as Solaris and OS X. )

OldVersion.com - ()

(2) Windows Startup Errors

"Unable to Load the Dynamic Link Library" Error Message When You Install Drivers or Utilities - (Win98, Win98SE)

bulletSymptoms: The following files are listed as missing:
Vnetsup.vxd Nwlink.vxd Nwredir.vxd Nscl.vxd Vredir.vxd Ndis.vxd Ndis2sup.vxd Vnetbios.vxd Ndiswan.vxd

Err Msg: Cannot Find a Device File That May Be Needed to Run... - (Win95 OEM SR2, Win95 OEM SR2.1, Win98, WinME)


Symptoms: When you attempt to install device drivers or utilities on your computer, you may receive the following error message: VNETSUP.VXD, VREDIR.VXD, DFS.VXD... MSNP32.DLL - Unable to load the dynamic link library: MSNP32.DLL the System cannot find the specified file. Some, or all, of the following feature is not available: Microsoft Network.


(3) Free Online Virus Scaning

Free Online Virus Scanning Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan - (Can scan and remove viruses.)

Symantec Security Check - (Scan for Security Risks, Scan for Viruses and Trace a Potential Attack.)

McAfee FreeScan - (Searches for viruses only.)

(4) DSL Resources

Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide? - (***Excellent. In depth technical information.)

Frequently Asked Questions about DSL (3Com Home & Home Office Solution)  - (General technical information on ADSL)

WorldLink Internet Service - (Look interesting but I have not reviewed it yet. Technical support page for dial-up and ADSL on Set Up, Troubleshoot, Tutorial/How to, Web Related, Frequently Asked Questions, Other information.)

SpeedGuide.net - (" Some of the best Broadband tweaks and Speed patches on the Net " - - Pure PC Performance)