Technical Support Notes

 At PROLiNK, we are committed to giving you the best products as well as the best technical support for installation of ADSL modem. If there is virus in your system, we may provide suggestions like where you can find the solution to clean the virus, but we are unable to assist you until the virus is cleaned. the following information may be useful for you.

 1)     IF  you are not able to uninstall modem driver properly , please run SETUP.exe from your CD-ROM and select remove button,

2)     IF you are not able to synchronize after USB is re-enabled, please restart your computer.

3)     IF your line quality is not so good, using multimode modulation, may not be synchronized (Link LED blinking), please go to Start Programs Prolink DSL Modem Configure then select setting, change modulation from multimode to G.DMT.

4)     IF youd like to  use other USB devices which need high USB bandwidth at the same time, please go to our website and download special sharing driver to install, but it will reduce the internet access speed.

 So, if you encounter any installation problems for Hurricane 7000 series,  please kindly call our service center at 6296-5455 or visit our website .

 Operating Hours:     Mon-Fri :0900-1745 hrs    Sat : 0900-1300 hrs


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