Appendix B. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to the commonly asked questions on
your ADSL modem.

What is ADSL?

ADSL, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, is a broadband communication technology designed for use on regular phone lines. It has the ability to move data over the phone lines at speeds up to 140 times faster than the analog modem available today.

Why is it called Asymmetric?

It is called asymmetric because more bandwidth is reserved for receiving data than for sending data. This is useful because many users of the Internet receive much more data than they send.

What are the benefits of ADSL over analog modems?

Besides the high-speed advantage, ADSL connection is always on. There is no longer a need to log on and off, no more busy signals and no more waiting for the connection to established - it is always there. On top of these, you can use the phone even when the data connection is on. You do not need to switch between surfing the Net and talking over the phone.

Will my modem constantly connect near the maximum speed?

At ADSL speeds, the limitations depend on the performance or load of the ADSL Service Provider that you are trying to reach, as well as the line condition specific to your location.

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Appendix B. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect to Broadband Service everywhere I go?

No, you cannot. You can connect to this service, only via ADSL phone line enabled for Broadband Service provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Can I run both dial-up modem and ADSL modem?

Yes, but it is not recommended. You may experience slowness during surfing as well as incurring additional cost of maintaining two active connections.

Do I need to use Micro Do I need to use Microilter when using ADSL?

DSL TURBO 900 has a built-in Micro-Filter at the Phone jack. Thus no Micro-Filter is required between your Telephone set and the modem.

However, if you are sharing the ADSL line with other telephone line extensions, you will need to have a Micro-Filter connected between the Telephone set and the telephone wall socket as shown in section 3.1 Setup Overview

(The Micro-Filters can be purchased separately from your dealer.)

Can I determine which version of Dial-Up Network (DUN) is installed?

There is no easy way to determine the version of the DUN. The safest approach is to install the DUN v1.3 downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Can I use my Broadband Service user ID to log in to 56K dial-up access on a normal telephone line using a 56K dial-up modem?

Yes, you can.

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